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Kerry Jon Walker Fund's Walk Around the World
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Hull
Date: May 01, 2021 to May 31, 2021
Where: Hull, Hull,, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States, 02025
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Event Type: Other
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The Kerry Jon Walker Fund (KJWF), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping humanity and supporting those affected by poverty, presents Walk Around The World a one-month challenge from May 1 through 31, accumulating miles and impact to support The Kerry Fund's mission to ensure that financially challenged youth from less advantaged communities enjoy cross-cultural, immersive experiences steeped in experiential learning, generating a global opportunity to serve. Walk anywhere around the world this May with The Kerry Fund, and walk with purpose! Walk Around The World puts the spring in the collective step around the globe, with a goal for participants to collectively walk 24,901 miles, the earth's full circumference. Participants may walk, jog, or run anywhere, anytime during the month of May in financial and social support. Supporters will log miles, get in shape and raise money while fulfilling the inherent human desire to do good. "Life did not stop during the pandemic," shares KJWF Founder Mikey Walker. "Education is imperative, and the youth of Boston Public Schools are our hope for the future. Our fundraising efforts help create opportunities for local students in preparation for and during our intercultural learning trips. Over time, our Global Connections alumni have impressed upon us the distances many Rwandans travel for water, food, school and medical care. We understand that fitness is imperative, and those endorphins are a perfect complement to the change of the spring season." Walker parallels her inspiration for the fundraiser in the Rwandan tradition of "Mucaka Mucaka", the Rwandan community's custom of passing the miles while blending song, dance and movement into the journey. Founded in 2010, enhancing the education of youth is at the heart of The Kerry Jon Walker Fund's mission. Amongst its accomplishments, KJWF provided 3000 lbs. of books, maps and educational materials, as well as school uniforms, to village schools in Guinea, West
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