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Alayna N. Pernell | Our Mothers Garden @ the Griffin Museum of Photography
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Griffin Museum-Photography
Date: May 26, 2021 to July 09, 2021
Where: Griffin Museum-Photography, 67 Shore Road,, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States, 01890
Phone: N/A
Event Type: Other
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The Griffin Museum is pleased to present John Chervinsky Award nominee Alayna N. Pernell and her series, Our Mothers' Garden in our Founder's Gallery in Winchester. About Our Mothers' Garden - During this past summer I was feeling a bit detached from photographing myself. This was a result of social unrest and the pandemic. In June, I went back home to Alabama for a couple of months to be with family. I spent a lot of time between my Grandmother and my Mom's home, both of whom I am very close with. We went through photo albums together and loose images hanging around in tubs. It took weeks to go through hundreds of photos from the late 19th century to present. By the time I finished, I winded up scanning over 800 images. I had become very attached to the language of the archive and what it could say about the people in the images. I found it beautiful to see how my family depicted themselves. I enjoyed the conversations with my Nanny and Mom about them all. Yet, this moment was the catalyst to me questioning the stakes when we do not have the power to speak for ourselves. My practice is currently revolving around two questions. What can visual art tell us about the depiction of Black women throughout visual art history? How have those negative depictions of Black women led to their lack of mental and physical care? I have spent the last couple of months researching collections. All my images are from the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art. I have re-photographed, re-captioned and re-contextualized the original works I have researched. This is my way of protecting the Black women's bodies and their humanity. Statement of Artistic Purpose My practice considers the gravity of the mental wellbeing of Black people. Especially based off of their environmental and geographical locations. In my interdisciplinary practice, I examine the harsh realities and complexities of being a Black American. As a product of Alabama, it was evident that the
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