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10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 249 Cabot St
Date: February 03, 2021 to May 15, 2021
Where: 249 Cabot St, 249 Cabot Street,, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States, 01915
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Event Type: Other
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Despite the two artists graduating from Montserrat College of Art and both having years of experience in the fine arts field, each artist’s style is entirely unique unto themselves. Grimaldi and Mason come from two different galaxies in regards to their visual aesthetic and artistic approach. This exhibition is a microcosm to the macrocosm of individuals finding common ground and understanding. The artists needed to negotiate, collaborate, and ultimately compromise on the work as a whole. What is presented on the wall is a synthesis of two minds creating a work of art that could not have existed without collective organization. As further exploration of the concept, the artists will return separately to iterate the piece over the course of the semester. This act of call and response is emblematic of the conversations necessary to reach understanding. Mike Grimaldi ’05 is known as Grimdrops in the art world. He lives on the north shore of Boston in historic Salem, Ma. After art school, he started designing logos, painting live at events, painting on canvas for private collectors and painting murals on parking lots, tiny houses and even at city hall. Whether it’s at a restaurant, a creative studio, on canvas, a separation wall in the backyard, a tunnel leading out to a football field or on the facade of a tiny house, Grimdrops wants his work to stop people in their tracks. He wants them to take a closer look – often for a selfie. At live events, He creates custom art that can be tailored to the specific occasion, whether it be the subject matter of the piece, the color palette or even incorporating a logo. One time, he designed and painted a mural in 48 hours and he wants to do that in less than a day. Grimdrops ultimate goal is to create a mural or live painting in every state and on every continent. Brett Mason ’12 is a painter and muralist based in the North Shore of Massachusetts and has exhibited throughout New England. Much of his current acrylic pain
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